The following section will be updated with Questions and Answers as they come up throughout the Campaign.


Q. People are using the garbage pail by the super mailboxes for personal garbage from their homes can this be resolved?

A. Please contact me when you see this happening and I will be pleased to contact the City Parks department to let them know about the issue.  City Staff are working with the Region of Waterloo waste management team to try to put an end to this illegal use.

Q. Is there any recreation facility or program that is being planned for the east side of the city?

A. In terms of facility and programs for the east side the City will be working with the Public Library to begin construction on a new east side library branch to be co-located on the RIM park property. Construction will begin in 2019 with a projected opening in the fall of 2020. The library runs many programs for pre-teens.

As well, the City is in the process of designing a new “active sports” installation for skateboarding and BMX bikes to be located on the RIM park lands. I think the planned opening of this is 2019.

With regard to a splash pad, I worked hard to get it into the budget and it is my hope that something will be installed in 2020 in one of the parks located in Eastbridge. The design, size and location have not been determined at this time, but money has been allocated.

As an aside, I know that a lot of people think that the west side has recreational investments, but in fact all of the neighbourhood pools and tennis courts are privately owned by the neighbourhood associations.

The City does not own or operate any public facilities on the west side except for the Albert McCormick Arena and the soccer fields on Westmount Road. The City provides funding to the Library board to operate the Harper Library and the Library at Albert McCormick.

The City of Waterloo does not have a community centre based model for service delivery like Kitchener. The primary community based centres the City operates are RIM, Albert McCormick, Bechtel Park, the Memorial Recreation Centre and the Adult Recreation Centre.

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