As many of you know, Ontario will have both a provincial and municipal election in 2018.  I plan to seek re-election as your Ward 4 Councillor.

The Ontario election date is June 7, 2018 and the Municipal election date is October 22, 2018. Advance polls will be operated for both elections allowing you additional times to participate in the voting.

As this municipal mandate rolls to a close many of the strategic objectives of this past municipal council have been achieved. In November 2017, Council received an update on the strategic plan and the following information include exerts from that council report. Full updates on the strategic plan are located at:

The structure of the 2015-2018 Strategic Plan was developed around 6 Strategic Priority Areas, 43 Objectives and 65 Initiatives. The plan was developed with input from over 1,200 stakeholders representing residents, business and education leaders, City council, post-secondary students and City staff. The six priority areas are:

  • Multi-modal Transportation - Diversifying the methods by which people can get around is an important element of a healthy, sustainable and prosperous Waterloo.
  • Infrastructure Renewal - Infrastructure includes roads, facilities and systems which keep the City functional, keeps people moving and meets core needs of people. Ensuring these assets are well maintained contributes to increased capacity, growth and investment.
  • Strong Community - People want to be safe, healthy and active. They want to feel included and want access to services, systems and opportunities to participate in the community. Fostering resilient, safe, inclusive and vibrant communities is the base of Waterloo’s success.
  • Environmental Leadership - We are all stewards of our environment. Acting now by preserving the natural environment, reducing our carbon footprint and building the City in an environmentally sound manner, will benefit future generations.
  • Corporate Excellence - Holding the public’s trust through inclusive, transparent and fair decision making, responsible financial management, superior service delivery and effective communications are the hallmarks of good governance for the City.
  • Economic Development - Economic development is a key pillar to drive tax revenue, business development and a vibrant cultural scene. A strong competitive economy fosters entrepreneurship, stimulates opportunity, creates jobs, fuels talent development and enhances the community’s attractiveness.

Of the 65 initiatives 60 of the initiatives are either completed or on track for completion during 2018.

Where Ward 4 is concerned some of the strategic initiatives that are advancing or have been completed include:

  • Approval of the East-side Library
  • Completion of a Neighbourhood Strategy
  • Completion of a multi-modal link on Lexington Road from Davenport Road to Holbeach Crescent
  • Completion of the ION Station Area land use plans including an update to the City Official Plan which outline the City vision for development in and around ION Stations
  • Street lighting upgrades
  • Completion of the Walter Bean Trail

There are many other significant initiatives being undertaken in the broader City and I encourage you to read more about the work we are doing on the City website.

Individuals might be interested to know that Council is considering an addition to the Waterloo Memorial Recreation Centre (WMRC) and approved the advancement of public consultation related to the Expansion and Older Adult Centre relocation conceptual drawings. Information on this work can be reviewed at:

There are many events happening in and around the City and the Region of Waterloo. They are summarized on the Tourism Waterloo Region website:

Should you have any questions on this article or any City related issues please do not hesitate to contact me: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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