I recently received information about renovation work taking place on Forwell Trail and Creek in three sections between King Street and Blue Springs Drive. This work is being done in order to reduce erosion and flooding; improve vegetation conditions along the creek to improve water quality, fish and wildlife habitat; improve trail accessibility and the connections to adjacent lands and existing trail; and perform necessary maintenance to the Forwell Sanitary Sewer Trunk that runs beside the trail.

Unfortunately, in preparation for the above work to begin July 1, 2015, some trees along the trail had to be removed. In order to be in compliance with the migratory birds convention act, these trees needed to be cut down before nesting season occurred in order to avoid harm to nesting birds and to visually determine if nests were in the trees. The downed trees need to remain down due to restrictions by the Grand River Conservation Authority regarding a fisheries timing window which is in effect. All clearing of this downed wood will occur after the fisheries timing window is over after July 1, 2015.

Staff will be hosting public information centre in May for residents interested in learning more about this project. I'll post information on my website when the date and location are confirmed. In the meantime, if you would like more information, visit our Forwell Trail page.


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