Looking for information related to the proposed commercial/residential development at the corner of Bridge and Northfield? Here is the City Link: http://city.waterloo.on.ca/DesktopDefault.aspx?tabid=2792

At a Meeting with neighbours on December 29th the following notes were taken by a citizen:

Deer Run Neighbourhood Meeting Notes – December 29th Meeting at 633 Deer Run Drive

Attended the meeting:

  • Diane Freeman our City Councillor
  • Cameron Rapp,  City of Waterloo
  • 28 Neighbours from Deer Run
  • Regrets:  Other Neighbours would have liked to attend but could not due to timing conflicts 

Overview of the Planning Process and where the City is in the process

The developer approached the City with a plan. The city is required to provide two public meetings, the first of which took place on December 13th. At this point our City Councillors have not formed an opinion. The next meeting will take place in January. This will be a formal meeting at which time the developer and the community can present their positions. This meeting will set the stage for a decision.


What are the potential positions that could be put forth at a Formal Meeting in January?

We discussed a number of potential positions

  • The loss of ‘neighbourhood’ with noise, light, air pollutions, loss of privacy, security concerns.
  • Drainage concerns with grade and inadequately maintained drainage runoff.
  • The poor aesthetics of square, unimaginative, industrial and commercial buildings and parking lot.
  • Whether there is a real necessity/requirement/market for another grocery store in the community.
  • Opportunity for an attractive, ‘green’ development that enhances the neighbourhood.
  • Suggestions for an appropriate commercial/residential buffer, mitigating the noise, light, air pollution etc risks.
  • The gaps in the Marketing Study with suppliers such as National Grocers, Walmart, Price Chopper and perhaps others.  The impact to the St. Jacob’s Farmer’s Market and to existing grocers.
  • The already high levels of vehicle traffic in the intersection, the safety issues of traffic jams, the impact on the broader community as alternative routes are used, including the recently re-engineered Davenport Road. (Historically traffic issues have not been a strong argument.)
  • Concerns for children/grandchildren in neighbourhood with respect to Deer Run Park; proximity to excess pedestrian and vehicular traffic
  • Concerns for safety of children walking to and from Lester B. Pearson P.S. and St. Luke Separate School


What is the City Planner role in the process?

The Planner assigned to this project is Trevor Hawkins.  He will review the Developer’s proposal and all the input from the community and then make a go/no go decision.


What is Council's role in the process?

The 7 Waterloo City Councillors will review the Developer’s Proposal and all the input from the community and then vote.  The Mayor will vote only if a deciding vote is required.


How can citizens prepare for the Formal Meeting?

  • Review the Market Study called ‘Retail and Marketing Report’. We know the neighbourhood best and are in the best position to identify gaps in the plan.
  • Several voices tend to be more effective.  Better to have a number of neighbours contribute rather, with a variety of positions.  (We can organize this for maximum impact.)
    • Citizens can prepare a written summary of a ‘position’.
    • Citizens can present their position at the next meeting.


Preference for another meeting with the City Planner

We agreed we would like another neighbourhood meeting to take place before the Formal Meeting in January.  Diane Freeman agreed to organize the meeting. It will most likely take place on either Wednesday January 12th or 19th, possibly at RIM Park.  Diane will use the email addresses she currently has to advise us of time and location. Details will also be posted on the Facebook Group page.

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